“Artists First is our name. We chose it and that’s important. Choosing to be called an artist first gets rid of the bad names. Being known as artist first before anything else, changes things; it changes attitudes.”

Artists First is a group of disabled artists with learning difficulties based in Bristol. There are currently 14 members of the group. The studio is led by its members and they meet at the Bristol Plays Music centre in Southmead, as well as visit galleries and host workshops by visiting artists. They have had many exhibitions over the years, in Bristol, the UK and internationally.

We are now celebrating 30 years of Artists First; we all have great stories to tell of how art has helped us. Watch this film featuring the artists to find out about who we are and what we do. Then explore further.

We want people to see our art work first, what we can do, what we can create and bring to the world. This is what the last 30 years has been about, coming together, making art, sharing it through exhibitions, workshops and talks.

Artists First receives no regular funding and is supported by grants, donations and sales of work.