My distinctively dark and evocative self-depictions intimately reflect my ongoing struggles with mental illness in particular that of severe anxiety and depression. I am deeply afraid of leaving home alone,which often makes me feel increasingly isolated. This fear has been heightened by the Coronavirus pandemic.

I’m currently working on a new series ‘A Bedtime Story’ the photographs are all created within the same, 2 by 1.5 meter space; my bed.

I believe my bedroom to be the keeper of my trapped and often repressed emotions. I once had, what felt like the luxury of creating work within the whole of my bedroom, but after my health worsened, bed is the only place in which I feel well enough to create.

My life and art have become, inextricably entwined, to bury this mental state deep within would allow it to thrive, but through my use of photography as a form of therapy, I am offered a cathartic release.