Dave Lupton, aka Crippen, is Britain’s leading disability cartoonist.

Crippen is the only cartoonist whose work spans 30 years of changing social and political attitudes to disability, including the 1980s activism.

His cartoons have brought pleasure and hilarity to disability activists – particularly his Grim Reaper series – and complaints leading to their removal. In 2018, Dave donated his huge archive of over 1000 cartoons to The National Disability Arts Collection and Archive (NDACA)

Dave values his contact with a community of disabled artists and thinkers. He uses Facebook to develop and critique new cartoons:  “…without being censored.” Dave feels that Crippen has become a collaborative venture, as a result of online discussion: “I’m gathering suggestions, creating and sharing ideas with other disabled people.”

As Crippen gets older you’d imagine that he would mellow a bit wouldn’t you? But not a bit of it; he’s still hitting below the belt and confronting people with their prejudices, whether they’re non-disabled or not!