Most recently, Claire was commissioned to do her first piece for gallery spaces, taking part in Automatise Ambulatoire: Hysteria, Imitation, curated by Amanda Cachia for Owen’s Art Gallery, Sackville, Canada.  In July 2019 Claire premiered the ensemble piece, Thank You Very Much, at Manchester International Festival which went on to win CATS awards for Best Ensemble and Best Sound and Music.

During 20/21 Claire has been creating audio works including Quanimacy with Julia Watts Belser for The Place’s Splayed Festival, and Care Harder with Luke Pell, for The Work Room.  In 2022, Claire will host the Choreography of Care Symposium with tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf) as a culmination of her role as Factory Artist.  The Symposium invites artists, activists and change makers to share how they believe ‘care’ shapes their practice and its influences out into the world through their work.

Find out more about the Choreography of Care here.