Deafinitely Theatre is the first deaf launched and deaf led professional theatre company in the UK producing quality bilingual theatre in British sign language and spoken English.

Our vision is a world where theatre is accessible for all and deaf people are a valued part of the national theatre landscape.

Our mission is to produce high-quality bilingual theatre for deaf and hearing audiences of all ages and backgrounds, combining the visual storytelling of British Sign Language with the immediacy of the spoken word.

The company aims to build a bridge between deaf and hearing worlds by showing plays to both groups as one audience. Its productions set out to correct misconceptions about the deaf world, as well as correcting deaf people’s misconceptions of the hearing one.

Our bilingual main production, which premieres in London, provides new opportunities for deaf theatre makers and appeals to both deaf and hearing audiences alike, having become a focal point for the capital’s deaf community.

An integral part of Deafinitely Theatre’s work is its extensive Education and Training Programme, including a Youth Theatre and CPD for emerging and established practitioners. The company offer bespoke workshops, masterclasses, residencies, post-performance discussions and Deaf Awareness Training for a range of participants, from school students to working professionals.