Part funding body, part lobbying group, part advice & networking facilitator, Digital Orchard Foundation is designed to both pump-up and streamline the resources of those doing incredible work to support underrepresented groups in the film and television industry, as well as to fill the gaps in current provision through new events, advocacy and training.

The Foundation aims to transform the workforce in the roles that Digital Orchard connects with, namely the whole of the camera department and picture-post for film and television.

The Foundation run Equality In Focus – a training framework that helps production and crew to understand and overcome inequality, contributing to creating a fairer and more representative film & TV industry for all, through action not words. Signposting the right training to take, initiatives to join and resources to read, Equality In Focus acts as a comprehensive guide for individuals and organisations working on film and TV productions to make real change happen on and off set.

The Digital Orchard Foundation is part of Digital Orchard, a film and digital specialist covering a range of services from capture to post. For more information, please contact Kate Rolfe, Director of Digital Orchard Foundation –