Fittings Multimedia Arts is a disability-led national organisation that makes accessible theatre and artworks. The work is characterised by directness, comedy, music and emotion. We work with materials, performers and artists that reflect and celebrate the United Kingdom’s diverse cultures.

We aim to challenge ideas of disability led work being either low quality, issue based and having less artistic value. We are experimental in our approach and promote a radical dramatic language exploring the ‘aesthetics of access’.

Our work is based on new writing that fuses different styles of storytelling. These include visual and tactile artworks, music, dance, narrative and physical theatre as well as film, puppetry, sign language and lectures. We make shows based on hidden histories.

Our work is accessible and relevant to audiences from diverse communities, ages and educational backgrounds. It is presented in a variety of settings and media and is created and accompanied by extensive workshop and outreach programmes and digital content.