A practising sculptor, Heaton’s ‘Monument to the Unintended Performer’ was installed on the Big 4 at the entrance to Channel 4 TV Centre in celebration of the 2012 Paralympics, and created in recognition of all those disabled people who are subject to scrutiny simply by getting on a bus in a wheelchair or walking down the street with a white cane.

Invited to re-create his sculpture ‘Great Britain from a Wheelchair’ for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympic Games as Lecterns for Lord Coe and Sir Phillip Craven, ‘Great Britain from a Wheelchair – Revisited’ utilised sports wheelchairs and the blades of Oscar Pistorius within its construction.

Winner of the Art-Plus Art in Public Places Award with Zoe Partington-Sollinger and Dada South, this £50,000 award resulted in the creation of the sculpture, “Squarinthecircle?” – Situated outside the school of architecture at Portsmouth University.

Prior to becoming CEO of Shape – a disability-led arts organisation – based in London, working with major cultural institutions and disabled people, Heaton was for over ten years Director of Holton Lee, Dorset, developing within the 350 acre campus an architectural award winning building, Faith House Gallery and fully accessible artists studios.