Herts Inclusive Theatre (HIT) runs drama workshops which are open to everyone, and where participants can express themselves creatively in an environment where difference from others is welcomed and supported. For participants, the theatre company provides a safe place where they can learn new skills and interact with others without feeling that they don’t fit in, which they sometimes feel elsewhere. Through creating these opportunities, HIT has helped disabled people raise their aspirations, and inspired carers to more actively support those they work with. They have also challenged the perceptions of the volunteers that help to run the theatre workshops; often young people working towards awards like the Duke of Edinburgh Awards; offering them skills and experiences of supporting people with disabilities that will benefit society for years to come.

One parent told of her son’s experience of joining HIT:

‘Since my son joined HIT he has become more confident but more importantly he now has a purpose in life and has already taken the lead in one of HIT’s performances. […] This all comes after a multitude of surgeries and two years being confined to the house. My son has never performed on stage before but felt so at home, even overcoming being ill on the day of the performance, he took to the stage professionally and with pride.’ […] HIT has provided a safe, enjoyable ‘family’ that meets every week, just as any other friends meet and enjoying partaking in activities.’