Hiatus is a cross-arts collective who encourage and support those whose voices are rarely heard.

We seek to create:

  • New innovations – to demonstrate alternative ways of communicating
  • New democracy – to put people at the heart of shaping how they communicate
  • New norms – to make communication challenges deliberative

    We set the agenda
  • We confront the dominant hierarchy and social order, creating a new dialogue which is persuasive and ambitious.
  • We continually shape and promote our ethos of how society can engage and relate to those who are different to us because of how they communicate, and how we can best create spaces in which these individuals can be themselves and flourish. We do this by facilitating collective action.
  • Our agenda is shaped by who is part of our Collective. This is who we are representing.

    We support those with difficulty

We seek to aid communities in finding an alternative means of self-expression in an accepting, safe space.

We support artistic practitioners with their own difficulties, to do what they do best. We open up the opportunity for those who may struggle to self-express to feel artistically liberated. We do this through both our artists in residence programme and our public programme.

  • We identify opportunities to grow artist’s awareness of socially engaged art practice, to encourage individuals to consider who their work may represent and the impact of it.

    We make it happen
  • We design, deliver and evaluate a participatory public programme of artistic activities which engage our target audiences of those who have limited knowledge of communication barriers to self-expression. We build the understanding of good participatory practice.
  • We seek out partnerships to be created with external organisations and individuals of particular interest to participate in and support our artistic activity.