Jogja Disability Arts is a foundation engaged in the issue of arts and disabilities, with the aim of realizing full participation and equal opportunities for disabilities in the art field at the national and international levels.

Jogja Disability Arts is located in the province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The foundation is supported by professional people with various disciplines, practitioners and observers of disabilities who have the same vision and mission, by striving for the integration of steps, the potential for disabilities in order to improve the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of mutually beneficial and dignified partnerships.

Expanding the network of cooperation is one form of public awareness and awareness campaign through art as a medium for socialization and information about disabilities to the public.

Friends with disabilities have done sharing art activities, such as fine arts, dance, music and other arts.

Various exhibitions and performances have been carried out by disabled arts friends in Indonesia. We are ready to open cooperation and collaboration with artists individually or in organizations.