Kaaos Company is an inclusive Finnish dance company founded in 2010 in Helsinki. The aim of the Company is to present work that dissolves distinctions and transforms concepts by presenting art that is sustained through difference in reorienting beyond an ableist lens to the presence of the body. Kaaos works with different artists, performers and choreographers in Finland and also internationally.

Kaaos Company’s mission is to support and validate artistic work that includes diverse representations of body and mind in dance. By placing different bodies in artistic and performance contexts we indirectly challenge assumptions and definitions. This supports dialogues to emerge of who can be included in professional artistic work or defined as dancers. Kaaos work can also be viewed as social intervention against dominant homogenous views and subjugation of the body in society which affects us all. Kaaos Company is an action of accountability for the exclusiveness that exists in the dance and the art field. The main focus of Kaaos Company work is artistic, however its existence offers wider matrices of embodiment which we believe is vital not just to the dance field but also for culture and society

Juxtaposing normativity by placing varieties of body on stage in performance contexts deconstructs and re-orientates perception to the ‘as is’ nature of the body. Kaaos Company’s work is an act of accountability for our communal heritage to reinstate physical and mental variety as an artistic, cultural, and social imperative and necessity in refining perception, growing alternative narratives and developing new trajectories in artistic work.

The ethos and philosophy of inclusive dance inspires social equality and undermines prejudices, assumptions, and reductionist definitions which affect us all. Otherness is reclaimed from the confiscated ground of our communal heritage and reinstated as an artistic, cultural, and social imperative in refining perception of what dance can be and who can dance. The movement of the body is the first language and by including all bodies we cultivate the ground of humanness in the dance field.