Sahera Khan is Muslim, Deaf and British Asian. Her native language is British Sign Language. She is a freelance writer/creator, artist/actress, filmmaker and YouTuber. She also does occasional support work with D/deaf children.

“The Class Clown Award” Wonky Table Theatre Company

Sahera is a trustee and Media Relations Officer for the Deaf Ethnic Women’s Association, supporting D/deaf Ethnic women and girls to achieve better quality of life, rights, education and employment.

– 9 books (Kindle) both fiction and non-fiction from children to adults.
– 2 new books upcoming one is Basis Islamic signs and the other is Deaf stories.
– Script writer, screenplay, poem, stories both fiction and non-fiction.

– Trained by RADA and Deafinitely theatre
– Breakthrough Pop Up performance at V & A and The Throwaways Musical
– Short films and short performance shows.


– Four short films and one documentary
– New short film FAITH is currently for the film festivals and it won BEST STORYLINE by NZDSFF 2020
– YouTube Channel; Sahera Khan

“I’m not interested in fame. I only want to share my stories with the world.” Sahera Khan

Interested to work with me

– British Sign Language (BSL)
– Comedian
– Performance shows
– Research & Development
– TV and Films
– Workshops
– Role Play

– General for adults and children
– Videos

– General for adults and children
– Poetry
– Monologue

– Basis Deaf Awareness
– Basis British Sign Language (BSL)
– Deaf Media and Entertainment
– Basis creative; writing, media and filmmaking
– Facilitator for children and young for drama workshop/club/after school

– My Life Story
– My Creative Work
– Role Model e.g. schools, young

– One to one (Consultancy)
– Trainee Sign Language Translator (TSLT)
– Basic advice: Access to Work/Becoming Self-employed

– Videos and Writing
– Basic BSL and Deaf Awareness
– Basic knowledge on Deaf Issues and Media and Entertainment