Our epic movie ‘The Return’ won a place on the Oska Bright international movie festival, and was shown at Brighton Dome In November 2015. It stayed at number one on an international movie platform ‘Indieboogie’ the place was gained by the number of views. Our members created the story, operated cameras and equipment and acted in the film.

Our radio drama thriller entitled ‘Who’s Johnny Long Arms’ was played on Halloween on our local radio station and has since been played on stations around the country.

Our short movie entitled ‘Living the Dream’ has recently been shortlisted for a place on Cannes movie festival in France. It is being currently judged by Polo, the mints with a hole manufacturer

Our on going muppet factory, has toured and been staged at various venues, including summer and winter festivals. It’s newest format ‘Muppet Karaoke’ allows for audience participation, taking it to another level of engagement. Too shy to sing? Simply grab a muppet and help it to sing/mime to your favourite song instead. We made our own unique muppets, our members have practiced and are now master puppeteers Jim Henson would have been proud of.

And right now Life you choose, is currently working hard on its latest project entitled ‘We are Gamers’ Which will be our first song. When the song is complete we will begin creating the video to go with it. We will then get the song played on radio and get the video out on social media.

Battle of the bands is an ongoing competition to support unsigned bands, we get entries from around the world, and have international music promoters promoting to weekly competitions. We have 15 radio stations, form UK, USA, Australia and Ireland, promoting the weekly competitions, and announcing the contestants. The winner of each competitions gets their music played on all the stations involved. We also have 5 international music promoters promoting the weekly posts. We are still writing to radio stations and music promoters and promoting the competition, to musicians. Here is a map to see where the bands, radio stations and music promoters are located around the world https://www.mapcustomizer.com/map/Battle%20of%20the%20Bands

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