OpenStoryTellers is a community arts charity supporting people with learning disabilities and autism. We help people to find their voice and use it. Stories are what make us human, they help us make sense of the world, make friends and take part in society.

‘The OpenStoryTellers’ are an award-winning, co-managed company of storytellers who have learning disabilities and autism. We campaign to have our voices heard in society. We want people to change the way they think about people like us. We ask the audience questions and make them think. We want to show people that even though we have special needs, we are the same as those who don’t.

We have performed at venues and festivals including Bristol’s Tobacco Factory; The Merlin Theatre, Frome; Little Theatre, Wells; Shropshire’s Festival at the Edge; and Diverse City, Bristol. We run workshops in schools, homes and community centres. We tell from legend, history and personal experience.

Our history and stories are hidden: we want our voices to be heard. We want to be the best storytellers in the world. We want to lift our performance up onto a cloud!

OpenStoryTellers runs a variety of other projects including a Social Enterprise, Community Hub sessions, Arts projects and Sensory Book Clubs for people with complex needs.