ReinventAbility was founded in 2014 to expand the horizons of dance to include people living with disability. We believe in the power of the arts to transform, to give voice to oppressed lived-experiences, to bring people together and strengthen communities.

Our programs educate and enlighten perceptions of disability to promote inclusion of disabled individuals, their families and friends, as fully engaged audience members, in classes, and on stage. This process dispels the negative attitudes that limit opportunities, and helps to build inclusive communities.

We offer disability dance classes and performance opportunities to children, teens, and recent high-school graduates through the Chicago Public Schools and the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education. In addition to improving mobility and emotional well-being, these classes are fun and build confidence as we develop teamwork, leadership, and adaptation skills. Sessions end with a small showcase, for many of our students this is their first time performing, the first time anyone has ever applauded for them.

ReinventAbility also offers Inclusion Seminars, Workshops, and Consulting services. These programs redefine limits and possibilities and improve creative problem solving skills, leading to increased opportunities and more diverse communities. In addition, we offer internships, training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.