An oral history and collaborative story telling project: D.I.Y. research and interviews from people at the intersection of several kinds of marginalisation. Those of us who are disabled, queer, kinky, sex workers, survivors.

Much political action (of all kinds) comes from the power of survival.

Resilient and resisting stems from my personal experience of these brutal years of austerity. Feeling incredibly isolated, I sought to place those experiences in their political context. I became aware that I was not alone, many others were experiencing stigma and resisting their conditions. Complex stories of overlapping struggles that often go untold, or when others write about us, are sensationalised and sanitised.

The objective is to build a constellation of material which shows commonalities and gaps, a resource where strength and visibility can lessen isolation. Where there is a possibility to gain a better understanding of both what connects and divides us. A space for stories, D.I.Y. history training, and access to museums and archives where historical accounts of similar struggles are kept.
Jet Moon