Our mission is to increase the representation of people with learning disabilities in theatre – and also in film and TV.

We believe that best theatre is made by diverse groups of people working together and we seed integrated work for general audiences. The routes into theatre training and theatre careers may be different and actors may come in through Separate Doors, but we believe we can, and should, all perform the same excellent work, in the same house.

We bring together exceptional learning-disabled and non-disabled talent from across the UK. We develop high quality theatre making with casts of actors with and without learning disabilities. We train actors, writers, directors and producers in the Silent Approach, a pioneering non-verbal method which allows all kinds of actors to work together with equality. We share our expertise with the theatre, film and TV industries.

Our advisory board of leading actors with learning disabilities and neuro-diversities (Downs’ Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism) guide our strategic planning and our outputs. We’re LGBT and disabled-led; cancer survivorship and mobility issues also inform the lived experience of our core, part-time team of three.

We’re based in the South East and work across the UK.