While in 2009, still studying at university, Ted Shiress deemed it necessary to give something back to society and so he took the logical step of becoming a stand-up comic. Between now and then his act has developed into what it is today, a punchline-laden personal account of life’s obstacles – think dark but not rapey! To this day these things happened


1. Finalist in Welsh Unsigned Stand-up Award 2010

2. Semi-finalist in Welsh Unsigned Stand-up Award 2011

3. Ted has been a regular open-slot at various pro-nights

4. Ted has been a regular Chortle contributer.
a) Here’s one on Disability and Comedy
b) Here’s one on Anger and Humour
c) Here’s one on Remembering to Tell Jokes
d) Here’s one on Ricky Gervais’ faux pas
e) Here’s one on why the great Doug Stanhope really should get his arse in gear when being recorded
f) Here’s one on Commpering
g) Here’s one on his first four years of stand-up

Nothing is certain in life, but it’s highly likely these things will keep happening.