I am a passionate visual artist, textile designer and freelance set designer. Raised in Mumbai and brought up in a family full of art lovers and established artists, I was drawn to the hub of street art, exhibitions and art festivals at a young age. I have since gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree from the Arts University in Bournemouth. After spending years of experimenting with painting, installation, media and curation in the UK, I have returned to Mumbai and founded Faceprints.

Working across a variety of media, my work includes paintings, installations, photography and textile prints. My artwork is a combination of my personal upbringing in Mumbai and cultural heritage and lineage from Kutch, my hometown. My paintings bring out the scenic visuals in Mumbai that one sees on a daily basis in this beautiful metropolitan city. These visuals are contrasted with a colourful amalgamation of Rogan and Ajrakh handicrafts from Kutch.

After visiting my motherland and living with the local craftsmen and artisans, I learnt the process of textile printing. This inspired me to make my own textile designs and revive them in my paintings. Portraying my cultural background and traditional values through my artwork gives me immense satisfaction and pride. Textiles and handicrafts have always been very close to my heart as my great grandmother used to paint on saris and various other garments. Seeing her paintings motivated me to give back to my ancestral roots and motherland.

My personal upbringing and ethnic values have played a huge role in my artistic career and has helped me develop this unique and original style. My work allows me to explore my unconscious ideas and awakens my creative personality. I find myself continuously discovering more about the historical background of my hometown and emotionally connecting myself with various traditional customs and ethnic values.

Recent features include:

India Pavilion, London Design Biennale 2021 https://www.instagram.com/p/CKQQedeFazA/?igshid=8z59g69vw8wc

Made in Bed Magazine, Sotheby’s Institute of Art https://www.madeinbed.co.uk/emerging/shyamolie-madhavji

Emergent Art Space https://emergentartspace.org/artists/5447/