Surrealist artist, poet, performer. Likes 1960s American TV, Buster Keaton, robotics, sci-fi, cats, toys, vintage cars.

Jasmine, surrealist artist, ex model, Jasminist, whose artwork is unlike anyone elses. Cats and toy cats are my passion.

Described as ‘the most original artist I’ve ever seen’, Charles Moffat, Lilith Gallery.

My subjects are symbolic and surreal, but not on the surface – more of an in-depth surrealism where I am pouring out my heart and imagination – things I’d like to see in real life but never materialise so I realise them through the medium of painting.

I’m inspired by my own imagination, just me really, although there are artists I like. Bosch, Magritte, Dorothea Tanning. Drawing the image on canvas with a pencil, mainly from my own head, unless I’m drawing someone like Steve Allen (a 1950s comedian and polyglot), when I used a photograph of him.

I’m very meticulous, because the images I realise are meticulous. There’s a lot of detail there, hidden objects and faces, reversals of reality.

There’s an enormous streak of humour in the works. I do have a surreal sense of humour. I like humorous things, so I think this is just going to come out in my work.

I paint self portraits and usually in tandem with a cat or sometimes toy cats. I’m just obsessed with them; I love them. I think it’s an extension of myself. The “fluff factor”. They’re very eye-catching; they’re mesmerising with all this fluffiiness.