My interdisciplinary practice focuses on the diversity of the lived experience of mental health difference, and the impact of the stigma, discrimination and inequity of access to care. I utilize an archive of medication guides, prescription bottles, historical and psychiatric resource materials that reflect mental health conditions and systemic and historical legacies to find strength in vulnerability.

I use charcoal in my drawings as a transformative material that when in activated form is also used to absorb chemical substances such as when I stomach is pumped. I manipulate prescription bottles with a heat gun pulling, cutting, prodding, nailing, embellishing to reflect side effects, the intersections of treatment, access, and stigma and their contradictions.

I play with scale to magnify and make visible the content of the work and reveal the messiness of process and imperfections. This body of work developed based on my personal experiences as someone who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a way to grasp and translate their meaning through the lens of disability justice and mad pride. This is an extension of my continued interest to apply personal narrative as a way to share experiences to disrupt stereotypes and to reflect on neurodiversity, contemporary issues and an intersectional identity through installation, multimedia, video and performative actions and ultimately to make the invisible visible and animate the inanimate.