Based in Brixham, Devon & touring regionally, we are a a lively, friendly, welcoming group and award-winning disabled/woman-of-colour-led theatre company.

Specialising in regionally touring shows based on history & classical literature, our purpose is to create performance opportunities for people of all demographics, leading to career building and great, world-class shows.

The South Devon Players welcomes everyone – we are not exclusive to any gender/ disability or lack of disability/ experience level/ ethnicity – we work together to create high-quality projects. Actors and other creatives work with us on a project-by-project, freelance, self-employed basis. The administrators of the organisation are all unpaid volunteers.

We also are starting a “theatre buddies” scheme, supporting audience members who would like to come to the theatre to see our shows, but have nobody to go with and feel that isolation and loneliness is too much of a barrier.

We welcome new performers & creatives. If you are interested in getting involved or seeing our work, please get in touch.