I’m a visual artist with Autism & ADHD. I like to celebrate nature through my art and enjoy working in a variety of mediums including pastels, oil paint and watercolour.

I have a background in gymnastics from when I was a youngster. I used to watch gymnasts training and developed an interest in the way the body moves. I have a good understanding of anatomy and of movement. I am looking to amalgamate both ideas into a coherent single body of work. 

like trying out different mediums and have been experimenting with cold wax. I like the way you can create layers that suggest motion. It’s a slow process but I like building layers and it’s a rewarding way of representing the figure in motion. 

I like the physicality and the tactile nature of drawing in charcoal, pastels and using cold wax mixed with paint, or layered over the top of the canvas. 

My mark making is quite large and so the size of my canvas tends to be a minimum of A3.