We promote and advocate for inclusion of performers and creatives with disabilities in the entertainment industry. Our page features casting calls, news on films, television shows, and stage productions with disability talent, performer profiles, and demo reels.

We are building a database of TRAINED and highly skilled actors who have REAL physical challenges, to promote for ALL INCLUSIVE DIVERSITY in Entertainment.
Long term industry professionals (veteran actors, casting director, producers and writers) building a database of excellent actors, with REAL physical differences, who are talented, ready, and able to audition for all kinds of roles in film and television.
This includes all trained actors who have a physical difference, that has kept them from working, or caused doors to be closed to them, in the Entertainment Industry, in spite of their ability.
If you are a TRAINED actor, working in the Entertainment Industry, and have been denied roles or auditions, due to the Industry’s perception of your disability, we welcome you to this group and will try to help get your name and work out there.
 We are tired of hearing the Industry say that people with physical challenges are NOT talented, so we are going to guide them to the TRULY talented who have done their work.
Thank you for helping us make it possible for people with physical challenges to be considered for ALL kinds of roles in Entertainment, not just disabled roles.