Aminder is a London based interdisciplinary artist working within Visual Arts and Performance Arts (including Theatre). Her artistic enquiries are subject to extensive research in the areas of art, science and politics, concentrating on the collision of current global socio-political issues, intersectionality, health and well-being, routines and rituals, human rights activism and inclusion, pathography and psychology that goes beyond the autobiographical through to the philosophical. Underpinning her practice is an ongoing investigation to subvert the representation of disability and Otherness, whilst highlighting the reality of these lived experience(s), as a disabled woman of colour living with mental illness and the effects of the Tory Cuts.

Aminder’s performative works seek to transform spaces into political sites of radical agency – using awkwardness as her basis to break societal constructs and forms of censorship, around disability, mental illness, gender and sexuality, social class, race and heritage. Aminder contemplates to re-enact and re-construct narratives, stereotypes and imagery that disrupt the reality of these lived experience(s) through the use of subversive humour, honesty and dramatization.

Aminder’s visual arts work are subject to the above and includes mediums such as sculpture, installations, sculptural technological arts, mixed-media fusions, moving image and film, painting and drawing and more. Her use of materials is dictated by the progression and routine of her physical impairments. Some of her recent sculptural and moving image art’s works are influenced by Surrealism and the Flux movements, the medical sciences, pathological autobiography and her x-rays and MRIs.

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