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An image of an artwork by Dubuffet with red, black and blue squiggles on a white background

to 3 August 2021
Time: 09:00, 19:30

Marry Me A Little in blue, yellow and pink. On a purple background.

to 7 August 2021
Time: 2.30pm

Six butches, masculine-presenting gender rebels, fabulously suited and booted. The title 'The Butch Monologues, Last Stand' in white letters above the photo.

to 8 August 2021
Time: 8pm

A busy concert room lit up with green lights with people waving their hands in the air.

to 19 August 2021
Time: 8pm

An illustration of an orange open box house with a wheelchair user going in through a door, on a pale yellow background. There is a large green tree outside and some floating hands

to 20 August 2021
Time: Usually 11.30am or 2.30pm

Kinky Boots in red sparkly text on a white and red background. The K is styled from a pair of red thigh high boots.

to 21 August 2021