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Events - performing arts

Blue text on a white brick background: The Party Animal. Madeleine. C. Levy

to 6 April 2020
Time: 7pm

A red background with RSC in large white letters. Below in much smaller white capitals reads Royal Shakespeare Company.

to 11 April 2020
Time: 7.15pm

A grey square with sadlers wells written in white capitals. There are 3 lines of text with four letters in each.

to 30 April 2020
Time: Various

Royal Opera House in white capitals below a white coat of arms. All on a red background.

to 30 April 2020
Time: Varies

to 31 May 2020
Time: 2.30pm

National Theatre home Logo. National Theatre is written in white apart from the at from theatre. This and home is in green. All on a black background.

to 31 May 2020
Time: 7.00pm

Logo. 2 pink wedge like shapes that represent pointe shoes next to English National Ballet in black.

to 31 May 2020
Time: Varies

Two young people point to the sky.

to 3 June 2020
Time: 11am & 1:30pm

A series of coloured balloons with faces with organisation name Together 2012

to 30 June 2020
Time: See website for details