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Events - accessible event

Photograph of a tablet standing on a green cabinet next to two houseplants and a book. The book has a bright orange cover with an illustration of a key and white label. The book titles appear on the key's label in black text "Happiness, A Mystery & 66 attempts to solve it" by "Sophie Hannah". A photographic portrait of Sophie Hannah is on the tablet screen with video call icons "People", "Chat" and a red telephone icon.

to 29 July 2021
Time: 18.00 - 19.00

A black and white image of two young girls dancing. In Bold letters on top of the image it reads: YOUNG AMICI SUMMER SCHOOL 26 - 30 July

to 30 July 2021
Time: 10:30 - 2, 7 - 8

Purple and blue graphic separated by a border in the middle. The top of the graphic reads Access Coventry. The second half of the graphic reads Audiences from lower economic backgrounds. In the bottom left corner in white is the Supported by Coventry 2021 logo.

to 30 July 2021
Time: 11.30am

An image of an artwork by Dubuffet with red, black and blue squiggles on a white background

to 3 August 2021
Time: 09:00, 19:30

A busy concert room lit up with green lights with people waving their hands in the air.

to 19 August 2021
Time: 8pm

An illustration of an orange open box house with a wheelchair user going in through a door, on a pale yellow background. There is a large green tree outside and some floating hands

to 20 August 2021
Time: Usually 11.30am or 2.30pm