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Events - accessible performance

A dancer is seen as though behind a layer of ice, one hand pressed to the invisible barrier in front of him. His posture is somewhat animalistic.

to 25 September 2021
Time: 1.30pm touch tour, 2.30pm performance

Two bare-chested men are in a forward facing embrace. The man in front is being lifted to waist-height and wears black, latex shorts

to 25 September 2021
Time: 7:30pm

Pictured are five women standing inside a large stone circle, outside and with fields in the background. All the women are dressed entirely in white, and all have their hands positioned to the right of their face, one hand on the other, palms facing outward and up. A tall white rock is standing to the left, with one woman half concealed behind it.

to 26 September 2021
Time: Various, see above

Dan Daw looks down at us with an ironic smile. His chest is bare, his arm and shoulder covered in tattoos, and there’s a glimpse of black leather at his waist. He wears a thick chain round his neck and large studs in his ears. Behind him is another dancer, his face unseen. His arms wrap round Dan, fingers splayed at his throat and belly, as Dan arches back, gripping the other man’s arms.

to 1 October 2021
Time: 8pm

Black background with three dancers. Two lean towards a wheelchair dancer who provides a counterbalance.

to 2 October 2021
Time: 7:30-8:30

An illustration of a person sat at a desk under a large light, someone stands opposite them with a video camera for a head. The people are grey and the room is blue.

to 3 October 2021

Performer Jonny Cotsen standing on stage in front of a sign reading 'DEAF NOT STUPID'

to 12 October 2021
Time: 7.30

Image of four actors all wearing black staring straight ahead with blank expressions.

to 23 October 2021
Time: Mon - Sat: 7.30pm, Thu & Sat: 2.30pm, Thu 23 Sep: 7pm. Check website for the full schedule.

A solo dancer in pink leggings and red top is confined in a metal box-shaped frame about a metre high. The box is tilted back at 45 degrees, resting on one corner. The dancer’s arms extend behind her, towards the floor, and she gazes calmly upwards as one leg kicks upwards, out of the frame. In the background, there are life-sized photographs of houses.

to 23 October 2021
Time: 2pm

Illustration of a red cloaked figure walking through the forest

to 31 October 2021