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Events - digital exhibition

Artwork hanging in the gallery space at Project Ability

to 21 October 2020

A black and white logo sits in front of a white background. The logo is a block that looks like the top of a flat topped mountain, and has thick lettering in black underneath which says MESA. The block is made up of a black and white pattern in a swirling motion.

to 25 October 2020

Ten Guildhall School students standing or kneeling in formation outside at the Barbican estate, surrounded by concrete and trees, with the word 'CHAPTERS' overlayed on the image in yellow outline

to 30 October 2020

A silhouette shape similar to a coronavirus microbe

to 6 November 2020

Black, peach and red paint in an abstract shape

to 23 November 2020

Text based advert for Together! 2020 Disability History Month

to 10 December 2020
Time: Various

An image of a large model dinosaur sat on Southsea Common. People are walking around and beneath it, others sit on the grass surrounding it.

to 31 July 2021