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Events - online

LEVEL Centre logo - in which the 'L' at the end of the word 'Level' is upside down.

to 26 October 2021
Time: Tuesdays 11am - 12pm

Red heart with multi-coloured spectrum within next to a white capital p. All on a blue background.

to 29 October 2021
Time: 11-12.30pm

A graphic flyer on which text reads: Private plays, Three exciting new performance encounters that take place in your home. Created by Steven Fraser. The background is green & pink.

to 31 October 2021

A black and white image of a Filipino woman smiling at the camera with shoulder length hair.

to 17 November 2021
Time: 6-8pm

A colourful graphic, the text of which reads 'The Beautiful Octopus Club Presents...' and then dates 'September - November 2021'. The background is dark blue and the text is pink and yellow. There are cartoon drawings of eyes across the page, some of which are blinking

to 26 November 2021

An image which reads Let Me Be, apply by 12 Sept. Logos for Graeae, 1623 and Arts Council England are shown.

to 7 December 2021
Time: 11am - 1pm

to 27 January 2022