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Logo for Awkward Bastards in the style of a rubber stamp in red. There are two concentric circles with the words Awkward Bastards within and a red star at the centre of the stamp.

to 31 May 2021

a pencil drawing of a face peeking out from lines overlaid and text overlaid

to 31 March 2021

Black background with writing in warm tones that reads: Catalytic Conversations Friday 19th Feb @ 7pm: Amy Rosa McLachlan and Nima Séne. Thursday 25th Feb 11:30 am: Aniela Piasecka & Jonathan Matahi Lefevre - Thursday 19th March 9:30am: Caroline Bowditch & Luke Pell - In Bed with Bowditch and Pell

to 19 March 2021
Time: Various

Six images of people on a video call. 3 at the top of the image and 3 at the bottom. In between them is a large black section in which white text reads: What We Feel.

to 1 January 2037
Time: Premieres airs from 7.00pm

A white man wearing a white shirt and mustard trousers sitting on a large book.

to 5 March 2021
Time: 11am - 12pm

The ART IS MOVEMENT graphic, featuring the words "The Disability Collective presents" at the top left, a turquoise paint swatch in the centre with the words "ART IS MOVEMENT" written in capital letters, and "a virtual showcase and fundraiser" written at the bottom right. All text is written in black. The background has a light texture with small lines and dots

to 4 March 2021
Time: 7PM - 9PM Eastern Standard Time

A grid of different people's faces captured from an online theatre workshop delivered via Zoom.

to 29 March 2021
Time: 6-7.30pm