Aidan Moesby presents ‘I was Naked, Smelling of Rain’, Bristol


Price: £3


Two figures on a frozen river in the snow with their backs to us. One is walking away from the other into the distance. The atmosphere is cold - physically and emotional separateness is suggested

How does the weather affect your emotions? How might this change with the influence of climate change?
In this live performance of I was naked, Smelling of Rain, artist Aidan Moesby explores the relationship between the external physical weather on our internal emotional weather. In the midst of the climate change and mental health crises, Aidan proposes that we’re the most connected ‘on demand’ generation, yet we seem to have lost touch with who we are and where we fit in the world. Through audio, film and installation, Aidan considers how regardless of digital (dis)connectedness and proximity, we are all physically connected by the weather.
The show is 50 minutes followed by a Q & A

Wheelchair Access, Hearing Loop,


We The Curious, One Millennium Square, Anchor Road, Bristol, BS1 5DB

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