Aspex Gallery presents Luna Park 10 Years, Online


Price: Free


An image of a large model dinosaur sat on Southsea Common. People are walking around and beneath it, others sit on the grass surrounding it.

Marking ten years since the 16 metre tall Ultrasaurus occupied Southsea Common, Luna Park 10 Years allows visitors to walk around and underneath a 3D rendering of the original sculpture in VR, and share their own memories and photographs of the artwork.

The newly commissioned VR artwork consists of a 360 degree digital Southsea Common, which visitors can experience in their own homes at any point over the next twelve months. During that time photographs and memories contributed by the public will be added to the virtual space and create a constantly changing environment.

Luna Park 10 Years will go live on the 31st July 2020, at the same time as Aspex launches a Crowdfunder campaign, raising money for a permanent tribute to the Ultrasaurus. Combined public and Portsmouth City Council support will go towards commissioning a bronze sculpture with an integrated digital photo archive to be installed on the seafront in 2021, as part of Aspex’s 40th anniversary celebration year.

To visit Luna Park Land or to donate to the Crowdfunder campaign, please visit our website.




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