Belgrade Theatre and Graeae present Kerbs, Coventry


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A photograph of two ice cream cones tipped upside down on the ground. In the background is a blurry image of the sea and blue. In the left centre is the word 'Kerbs', spelled K, E, R, B, S' in orange bold capital taxt with several white small dots within each letter. Beneath this is white smaller text that reads 'By Michael Southan'.

Lucy and David are dating. Or at least, they’re trying to.

Faced with first-date disasters, a few crossed wires and Lucy’s mum, what they really need is a bit of space, a bit of fun – and ideally some independence. Escaping for the weekend to a caravan park in Somerset, it’s time for them to find out if their spark will finally catch, or burn everything to the ground.

Written by Graeae’s own Write to Play graduate Michael Southan and directed by Nickie Miles-Wildin (Cuttin’ It, Crips Without Constraints), Kerbs gets real about romance, sex and disability, while tackling the universal challenge faced by anyone experiencing a new relationship: letting someone in.

Every Kerbs show will feature Graeae’s signature integrated creative captioning and audio description.

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Integrated Captioning and Audio Description, Wheelchair Access


Belgrade Theatre, Belgrade Square, Coventry, CV1 1GS

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