Bunny present Still No Idea, Liverpool’s Unity Theatre


Price: £15 (£12 concs)



Lisa and Rachael want to make a show, but there’s a problem: they don’t have any ideas.

So, who do they turn to? The Great British Public of course!

They make a pact. They’ll go onto the streets, interview people, and whatever story the public come up with – that will be the show. No backing out, no changing what they don’t like. Deal.

Still No Idea is Lisa and Rachael’s quest: a mischievous look at two friends searching for drama, action, and a story to tell. Part-verbatim theatre, part-confession, part-comedy sketch show with a bit of singing and dancing thrown in. Turns out getting the public to write your story is quite an adventure.

★★★★ Hypocrisy-smashing new show about disability that’s hilarious, clever and depressingly vital viewing. The Stage

★★★★ A lucid, delightfully ironic and politically piercing 80 minutes. The Guardian

★★★★ Hammond and Spence are not going to leave any lazy attitude towards disability un-skewered. Evening Standard

Wheelchair access, Hearing Loop, Sensory Synopsis and a Story Synopsis


Unity Theatre, 1 Hope Place, Liverpool L1 9BG

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