Christopher Samuel seeks Research Participants for The Archive of the Unseen, Online


Price: Fee given to those who are selected to participate.


Photograph of a young black boy in a red and blue tracksuit, with short afro hair and one arm raised.

WHAT IS THE PROJECT | The Archive of the Unseen is a co-commission for The Wellcome Collection and Unlimited. The work aims to explore and expose the underrepresented black, disabled and working class experiences which Christopher remembers, but could not find any evidence of in the Wellcome Collection’s medical or social archives.

WHO IS NEEDED | Christopher Samuel is seeking the views and experiences of people who grew up with a disability in the UK, from the 1960s – 1990s. More specifically Christopher is looking for people of colour, born into working class families in the UK, but this is not exclusive. Anyone with a story or anecdote to tell, or a viewpoint that they’d like to share is welcome to participate. All stories will be anonymised in the final piece. Christopher is interested to see how people’s stories differ/are the same as his experience growing up a disabled black man from a working-class background.

By using personal narratives gathered from a range of people with different experiences of growing up disabled in the UK, Christopher aims to create a more inclusive and representative Archive of the Unseen – both in the physical element and online where the project will be housed.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN | If you agree to take part, you will be interviewed over zoom (or a similar online programme) for no longer than one hour by Christopher and Jennifer Gilbert (freelance producer). The interview will be recorded, but then anonymised. Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary, but you will be paid a small fee to take part.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED | Please email Jennifer Gilbert should you feel you meet the above requirement and should you be interested to be interviewed by Christopher. Or if you have any further questions about the above, that the website link with extra information still hasn’t answered, please also email Jennifer:

Please get in touch by Sunday 12 December 2021 to get involved.

Please see our website for more information about this project.

please state what access features you may need for an interview when contacting jennifer


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