Concrete Youth presents Shebaa’s Adventure to Jopplety How, Online


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A digital illustration of a green hill with a winding pathway to the top. At the bottom of the hill a sheep sits and a horse stands, partway up the hill there is a llama and at the top a black and white cow peeks its head through some grass and flowers. The sky is blue with white clouds and across that in yellow cursive writing is 'Shebaa's Adventure to Jopplety How'

Shebaa the Sheep has never had any wool! She spends her days feeling different from all of the other sheep in her herd and it makes her feel very sad. After finding a book at her local library, Shebaa goes on a quest to meet the world’s most intelligent and wise creature in all of the land; The Wisdom Cow of Jopplety How in the hope that he can grant her one wish, to have a coat of wool her lamb friends would envy. Join Shebaa as she goes on an adventure, meets other furry friends on the way and learns that there are differences in the most unlikely of places.

The show will be available on our website from 31st July.

Award-winning theatre company, Concrete Youth are delighted to present Shebaa’s Adventure to Jopplety How. Written by Elle Douglas and directed be Belle Streeton, this online multi sensory production for audiences living with profound and multiple learning disabilities is perfect to ease the boredom of lockdown, packed full of sensory moments that are sure to open up the imaginations of your little ones!

The show is Makaton-integrated, designed for people living with profound and multiple learning disabilities, and involves sensory play through the use of sensory instructions throughout the show. The sensory instructions are designed to you when and how let the person you care for explore the sensory items - these will be everyday items from around the house to enhance the audience member's sensory enjoyment of the shows.



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