Contact Dance Film Festival presents Workshop with Mr. Antoine Hunter, Online


Price: $10 CAN


Artist portrait of a Native American African-American person with dark chocolate skin from his mother, single dreadlock visible across his cheek and the rest of his hair in a low braid. Antoine has a full beard and is bare chested with his left hand raised artistically near his face. His right hand is gently supporting his left forearm.

Purple Fire Crow also known as Mr. Antoine Hunter is an award-winning African, Indigenous, Deaf, Disable, Two Spirit producer, choreographer, film/theater actor, dancer, poet, speaker, mentor, and Deaf advocate who is teaching at the Contact Dance International Film Festival

DATE: Online Wednesday, June 9, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm (EDT).


$10 CAN
Scholarships are available by request to

The zoom room used for this event has an auto-captions option. ASL interpretation provided. If you have other accommodations we can fulfil please reach out to us at

Does your spirit feel like something is missing? Do you need a place to express yourself and want to build a stronger core physically and spiritually without overextending yourself? Then you came to the right place. Beginner or professional: this class is for everyone. It’s not how high you kick but why you kick! Urban Jazz Dance is a convergence of artistic forces where RAW energy, ROOTED in FREEDOM, is expressed through the athletic BODY and UNCONTROLLABLE, PASSIONATE dance. Expect Ballet, Afro movement, plus more and even American Sign Language…the power of expression must be real. Taught by Award-winning Deaf Dancer Antoine Hunter.

Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) 2:00 pm
Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) -3:00 pm
Central Daylight Time (CDT) – 4:00 pm
Toronrto Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) – 5:00pm
Brasil – 6:00 pm
UTC – 9:00 pm
UK – 10:00 pm
Berlin – 11:00 pm
Moscow 12:00 pm
Moves to the morning of June 10, 2021
India -2:30 am
Singapore – 5:00 am
China – 5:00 am
Japan – 6:00 am
Australia -7:00 am

ASL interpretation provided. Zoom room has English auto captions option.



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