DAO presents DYSPLA’s Touch Workshop, Online


Price: Free



Touch is a sacred gift of multiple dimensions, transcending space and time. Extend your hand and let the journey begin.

DYSPLA TOUCH is a one-hour online touch workshop designed specifically for the digital platform. A small number of participants have been invited to take part via zoom.

The livestream will consist of two short performance poems broadcast with a series of guided touch instructions that the audience can follow. The experience feels similar to a guided meditation but is not intended to be ‘relaxing’. The content is reminiscent of a melancholic memory and asks the audience members to participate both physically and emotionally.

The workshop will be streamed on DAO’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

The DYSPLA TOUCH Workshop is also part of a bigger project called, TOUCH Narrative, an intimate XR (Extended Reality) Installation, scheduled to be presented as part of the Crouch End Festival in July 2021.

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