Disability Arts Online presents Artist Presentation #1: Jamie Hale, Borrowing Time: Reading AIDS literature in a time of pandemic, Online


Price: Free


A white individual with short ginger hair and beard. They have red thick rimmed glasses and are wearing green glittery eye shadow and pink lipstick. They are wearing a silver coat and a black t shirt.

A large body of creative work on living within an epidemic emerged from the AIDS crisis in North America and Europe during the late 1980s and 1990s. With a focus on the author Paul Monette’s works ‘Borrowed Time’, ‘Love Alone’, and ‘Last Watch of the Night’, poet and writer Jamie Hale will explore the relevance of this literature to today’s pandemic, and what we can learn from the chroniclers of that era.

The presentation will be streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube at 3pm.

Afterwards there will be a short live Q&A session with Jamie. Please submit your questions via the comments sections on Facebook and Youtube, or via the hashtag #DAOCovidCommissions

This presentation is part of our Covid Comissions programme. Artist Presentations will take place fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons.



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