Disability Arts Online presents Artist Presentation #10: Holly Norcop, #MediaStorm, Online


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An illustrated slide with Artist Presentations in black writing with paintbrushes replacing the i's. Below is a red musical score and a brown picture frame containing a picture of Holly, a white woman with short blonde hair. To the right is a vertical black wiggly line and black text that reads #10 Holly Norcop #MediaStorm

In our tenth and final artist presentation Holly Norcop introduces us to her work Media Storm, a light and sound installation by herself and Richard Redwin. Holly is an artist and researcher fascinated with the human mind, she has multiple learning differences (dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD) and an MSc in Social and Community Psychology. This presentation will outline some of the psychological theories that inspired the audio soundscapes and how the piece explores the interaction between mental health and social media use from a neurodiverse perspective.

The presentation will be streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube at 7pm.

Afterwards there will be a short live Q&A session with Holly. Please submit your questions via the comments sections on Facebook and Youtube, or via the hashtag #DAOCovidCommissions

This presentation is part of our Covid Commissions programme. Artist Presentations will take place fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons.




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