Disability Arts Online presents Artist Presentation #4 Sasha Callaghan: Cut. Tear. Rip. Layer. Attach. The Subversive History of Collage, Online


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Artist Presentations slide featuring a collage made of a doll's head. It reads #4 Sasha Callaghan,  Cut. Tear. Rip.  Layer. Attach.  The Subversive History of Collage

In the fourth in our series of artist presentations Sasha Callaghan introduces us to the history of collage. Collage has its roots in mass-production, putting together previously unconnected images and creating work which is both subversive and beautiful. This presentation will look at 400 years of collage from early printing to contemporary collagists, by way of Victorian toy theatres, erotic graphic novels from the 1930’s, resistance movements and The Sex Pistols.

The presentation will be streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube at 3pm.

Afterwards there will be a short live Q&A session with Sasha. Please submit your questions via the comments sections on Facebook and Youtube, or via the hashtag #DAOCovidCommissions

This presentation is part of our Covid Commissions programme. Artist Presentations will take place fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons.



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