Disability Arts Online presents Artist Presentation #5: Ellen Renton, Poetic Vision, Online


Price: Free


An Illustrated slide with Artist Presentations written in black (the i's are replaced by paintbrushes) Below is a red musical score and a brown picture frame that contains a photo of Ellen, a white woman with blonde shoulder length hair. She is wearing a blue denim shirt.

In the fifth in our series of artist presentations poet Ellen Renton explores the role of sight in her own work and the writings of others, touching on themes of imagery, the cultural significance of blindness, and the hierarchy of the senses.

The presentation will be streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube at 3pm.

Afterwards there will be a short live Q&A session with Ellen. Please submit your questions via the comments sections on Facebook and Youtube, or via the hashtag #DAOCovidCommissions

This presentation is part of our Covid Commissions programme. Artist Presentations will take place fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons.



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