Disability Arts Online presents Artist Presentation #8: Amelia Cavallo, The Radical Potential of Integrated Audio Description, Online


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A person wearing a silver and gold suit, with a blue shirt and pink tie. They have a glitter goatee and eyebrows. They are holding a microphone in one hand and the microphone stand in another.

In the eighth in our series of artist presentations blind theatre practitioner Amelia Cavallo introduces some of the ways to think about integrating audio description into various types of performance. This will be a space for people to learn what audio description is, how it supports blind and visually impaired people, and ways that it can be viewed as a creative tool. It will also be a place to ask questions and troubleshoot challenges, especially as performance changes in and around moves towards digital content.

The presentation will be streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube at 3pm.

Afterwards there will be a short live Q&A session with Amelia. Please submit your questions via the comments sections on Facebook and Youtube, or via the hashtag #DAOCovidCommissions

This presentation is part of our Covid Commissions programme. Artist Presentations will take place fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons.




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