Dramatize present Screening of “It’s Me” and “Drama”, London


Price: £10.00


Poster with details of Film Screening

On 21st March, at Shepperton Studios, Korda Theatre, Dramatize are holding a Film Screening to celebrate World DownSyndrome Day by screening films from the world famous Oska Bright Film Festival; films made by or featuring people with learning disabilities, autism or additional needs.

There are 2 showings of:

‘It Me’

Take a deep dive in to the different ways learning disabled people express themselves and navigate the world. This screening is a celebration of what makes us unique and gives us an identity.


Love and friendship are some of the deepest connections we form; with these four short films we dig deeper in to the meaning of connection.

Please note some films have strong language and scenes of violence in.

There is wheelchair access and a mobiloo (changing places toilet) on-site.

Ramp Access, Mobiloo Changing Places toilet


Shepperton Studios, TW17 0QD

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