Edinburgh International Children’s Festival presents The Super Special Disability Roadshow, Online


Price: £5 - £20 (select your own price)


A man in a red t-shirt on the left and a child in a white floral top and denim dungarees on the right sit facing each other in blue wheeled wheelchairs.

What’s it like to be disabled in 2021?

This hilarious, energising, multi-media show looks at how we talk about disability today.

Roadshow hosts Rob and Sal are coming to the end of their schools tour, but are running late for the day’s gig. The audience is already waiting impatiently when they enter the stage, struggling with their touring kit. Opening with a cheery (some might say cheesy!) ditty, they launch into their show. Things are going pretty well, as Rob and Sal teach us what it’s like for disabled people in today’s world … until the younger generation decides to set them straight!

Created by Birds of Paradise Theatre Company (Scotland’s only disability focussed theatre company), this show exemplifies the company’s vision of a culture where disabled artists are recognised for the excellence of their work and celebrated for the stories they bring to the stage.

“A warm and funny experience that achieves what all the best theatre does: open a window on other lives…” **** The Independent on Purposeless Movements

BSL interpretation, captions, optional audio description



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