Freewheelers Theatre and Media presents Freedom Film Festival, Online


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The image is of 4 Freewheelers artists; 2 males are kneeling and operating filming equipment, 1 female is a wheelchair user who is being filmed and the 4th, anther male is observing.

We are delighted to announce that in July, we are presenting a celebration of our film work over the last 10 years. The films range from raucously joyful to heartbreakingly honest, and all reflect the ethos of our company that values the differences in people, and the joys of teamwork.

The Freedom Film Festival will run over five evenings on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Tuesday 14th – Drama, Song and Dance
Wednesday 15th – Documentaries
Thursday 16th – Short films (comic, quirky and otherwise!)
Friday 17th – Film Drama
Saturday 18th – Performance Film; Amandla!

There will also be an opportunity for the audience to take part and ask questions/give direct feedback to representatives of the company in a series of live Q+A sessions following the film showings each evening.

Please put it in your diaries, tell your friends and family and all come and join us. Dip in to the Freewheelers “better world” and meet them in this new reality. Please comment on the films and their impact, join the question and answer sessions, or just sit back and marvel at the amazing variety and depth of the work, the creativity of the performers and writers, and the joy!

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