Haley McGee presents 14-Day Creative Quarantine Challenge, Online


Price: £14


The image has a pink background, and features a white figure spinning through the air. The text over the top reads "14 day Creative Quarantine Challenge."

The 14-Day Creative Quarantine Challenges is a self-directed online program, created by Haley McGee, for artists and creative spirits to help you keep (or start) creating during this strange time.

Low-pressure and joyous, the Challenge offers you tools, encouragement and support to connect to your practice, develop a body of work and to cultivate a sustainable daily creative habit.

Each day you receive a short email with a video, giving you a creative task. Audio and text formats are also available. You can spend from 10min, up to 1hour+ on these tasks.

Most of the tasks are writing exercises but can all be tailored to suit artists working in other mediums — dance, music, visual art — all are welcome and encouraged to join!

Participants will also receive video 4 Q&A videos in which Haley answers artists’ questions on creative process and making art in isolation.

1000+ artists have taken part in the Challenge since March 2020. To hear what they have to say about the experience and to register visit the website. 

The cost to take part is £14. Thanks to the generosity of past participants, full and partial Scholarships are available for artists who are not able to pay the fee.

The challenge runs for 14 days immediately after you sign up. You can sign up any time. Challenges will arrive in your inbox at 5:45am.

“This is one of the best things I have done for myself. I have never done a course online before and was somewhat hesitant to sign up. Thank god I just took a leap of faith. Haley has designed a simple but exciting format which leads the participants to tap into their creative core. I highly recommend it.”— Jo Jo, Creative Quarantine Challenge Participant

All challenges are available in video, audio or text formats.



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